So you want to use HiThrive and make sure that your team's first impression is spectacular? Excellent, we've got you covered!

What you get with HiThrive Core

HiThrive Core gives your team a seamless recognition suite inside of Slack, Microsoft Teams, and via our standalone web app.

With HiThrive Core you can:

  • Easily recognize the contributions of team members, both big and small
  • Connect them to your organization's core values (and report on them later)
  • Add points to keep it meaningful
  • Add a GIF to keep it fun
  • Recognize publicly with a post to your recognition channel / feed or opt to send privately
  • Redeem points for awesome globally available rewards
  • Easily manage your active user community

To Get Started

Complete your integration with Microsoft Teams or Slack (skip if you are only using the web app)

Configure your shoutout settings

  • Share Channels (skip if only using the web app): By default, HiThrive is available across your entire Microsoft Teams / Slack workspace so that your team members can recognize each other wherever they are already communicating. Selecting a share channel copies all recognition to a centralized feed ("share channel") making it visible to all of your team member regardless of the channel that it was originally posted in.
  • Point Settings: If you would like to incorporate points with shoutouts enable that option here. Choose Preset Amounts to include a dropdown with preset point increments that a team member can choose from (0, 125, 250, 500 pts) or Custom amount to leave the points field as a free-form entry. Learn more about points here: Using Points in HiThrive 
  • Taggable Values: Add your core values and a value description. 
  • Click Save

Complete your HRIS Integration

If you are integrating with an HRIS platform, reference the integration guide in the Integrations section of this knowledge-base.

Create your Active Users Segment

Your active users segment controls who has access to the HiThrive platform and can be provisioned automatically (based on a set of criteria) or manually (by adding individual users). To create your active users segment see the Article here: How to Create Segments in HiThrive

Add a payment method for rewards

See Paying for Rewards in HiThrive

Launch HiThrive!

Looking for more?

Check out other articles and resources in the help center or upgrade to HiThrive Celebrate or HiThrive Pro for additional features.