HiThrive incorporates Segments to allow group provisioning of roles, budgets, and feature eligibility.

Team members can be added to Segments either manually or dynamically based on a set of matching conditions. 

At a minimum, you would need to configure your Active Users segment to control HiThrive platform access.

For information about your active user segment, visit the article Managing Active Users in HiThrive.

In addition to your Active Users segment, you may want to create other segments to group team members for platform access, role management, or budget allocation.

How to create a new segment

To begin, you will navigate to your Segments  tab in HiThrive.

Click on Add Segment

If you are allocating a points budget to the team members in this segment, you should include that points budget here and set the appropriate budgeting interval. Team members who match multiple segment criteria will have a points budget that is equal to the highest amount of the segments that they are in (not the sum). 

Next select your sync type: Managed Manually or Synced by profile fields

If manual, you will have the opportunity to add all of the team members who you would like to participate (you can paste a list of email addresses as well).

If Synced by profile fields, begin to create the matching conditions for the users who are meant to participate. You can choose whether a user must match all or any of the condition(s) and add as many conditions as required. Example conditions are below:

Employee status is equal to Active

Worker category is equal to Full Time

Country is equal to United States

Country is equal to Canada

When you are satisfied with your conditions select Next.

Select which Settings to apply to the segment: Send points eligibility, Receive points eligibility, and/or User roles.

  • Send points eligibility: Allows users in the segment to send points (peer-to-peer recognition or spot celebrations)
  • Receive points eligibility: Allows users in the segment to receive points (peer-to-peer recognition, automated celebrations, or spot celebrations)
  • User roles: Grants additional permissions to the users in the segment

Click Next and Save.