Add / Connect HiThrive to Slack

  1. Log into the HiThrive Admin portal
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  3. Click on the Slack application
  4. Click Install to Slack (see note below)
    • Note: You will need to be a Slack administrator to add the HiThrive application to Slack. If you are not, this flow will automatically request your Slack administrator to approve the install (per the screen below). Once your Slack administrator approves, you will receive a notification from Slack and can continue to steps 5 and 6.

  5. Complete the authentication flow
  6. Enable the integration: toggle the integration to on



Map Fields

Once your integration is activated, you will need to map Slack profile fields to HiThrive.

  1. Next to Field Mapping, click Edit 
  2. Map fields as necessary. At minimum, you must map email address, but you will want to map all fields that apply.
  3. Click Save Fields