Now that you've configured your HiThrive program and are ready to get your team engaged, the last step is getting your team excited to participate. We'll show you how.

We recommend that you send an introduction to your team directly. They may see the newly installed HiThrive app, but they likely won't know what it is or how your organization intends to use it without a bit of guidance.

We have created some templates below to get you started. Personalize as you see fit 💪. 

Note: We have a HiThrive Introduction presentation template that you can customize as well.  

  • HiThrive Introduction Presentation for Slack
  • HiThrive Introduction Presentation for Microsoft teams


Initial Announcement: 

Subject:  A Recognition Revolution is Coming

When To Send: 14 to 30 days before launch day

Who To Send T: All HiThrive Users


Hi Team!

You all are what make [COMPANY NAME] special and we’ve partnered with HiThrive to make sure that you know it.

With HiThrive, everyone can participate in the recognition process and cheer each other on for the frequent contributions that we make. HiThrive will help us celebrate meaningful milestones too (birthdays, service anniversaries, and new team member announcements)!

As we get closer to [LAUNCH DATE], we’ll be sharing program details and some easy how-tos that cover everything from recognition to points and rewards (yes, our recognition program includes some awesome rewards as well 💃).

We’re excited about continuing to make [COMPANY NAME] special together. More to come!

With gratitude,



Call for HiThrive Evangelists: 

Subject: Calling out to our Culture Champions

When To Send: 7 to 14 days before launch day

Who To Send T: All HiThrive Users


Hi Team!

We are gearing up for our HiThrive launch on [LAUNCH DATE] and are looking for our culture champions to help make the launch a success!

As a champion, you’ll receive some early personalized training, some extra points, and will have the opportunity to model how [COMPANY NAME]’s culture of recognition.

Please let me know if you would like to participate!

With gratitude,


At Launch – Thorough Announcement: 

Hey team!

We've added HiThrive to [Microsoft Teams, Slack, our organization's toolkit] to help us recognize each other and the awesome contributions that make our company thrive. Meet HiThrive!!!

➡️ What is HiThrive?

It's a platform that we've added to supercharge recognition. HiThrive lives in our [#channel-name or] where we'll share recognition with each other (more on that below).

HiThrive will allow our company to do three important things:

  1. Send Shoutouts (Peer to Peer Recognition): Sent in our [#channel-name] by typing "/hithrive" and then composing your shoutout (a message and an @mention). When you're ready, simply press enter.
  2. Spot Celebrations - Presented by our Managers. Team members who have been given access can navigate to to create a spot celebrations. 
  3. Celebrate birthdaysservice anniversaries, and new hires

➡️ What is worthy of a shoutout?

Let's recognize the little things, the big things, and the in-between things too. Let's celebrate our company name values, reinforce our accomplishments, and cheer each other on. This is about emphasizing what makes our team special and calling out the great things that each of us do to make us successful.

A few examples: 

  • In the face of a ridiculous client request, your positive energy and drive to always outperform motivated us all to persevere. The result was nothing short of fantastic and with amazing client feedback to boot!
  • You just conducted one of the best design brainstorm sessions that I have ever participated in – enough structure, but with plenty of room for ideation. Everybody felt so comfortable contributing! It will undoubtedly lead to great improvements of our customer experience!

➡️ How do you earn points work?

At the start of each [month, quarter, year], each team member will be given a XX points ($XX) budget to include with shoutouts to celebrate each other for the awesome things that we do!

As the month progresses, you will in turn earn points that are given to you by your peers and leadership through our recognition process.

Each point in HiThrive is worth a penny. If you have 2,000 points, you have $20 (just move your decimal to the left twice)

Points recycle at the end of each [month, quarter, year] - YES - you have until the end of the month to include your allotted points budget with shoutouts. Any points that you earn (are given to you by a colleague or by leadership) never expire and will remain in your account until you decide to treat yourself to a gift 💃.


➡️ What happens with all of these points?

You can go shopping!! Through the HiThrive app, you can access our rewards store that will allow you to do the following:

  • Shop on Amazon
  • Shop premium merchants
  • Select a gift card
  • Donate to a charity
  • Select from our company specific rewards (incl. swag!)

Redeem your points at

You can access the rewards portal directly from: 


➡️ What's next?
Keep being awesome and keep your eyes open for teammates who are awesome too. Let them know with a shoutout 👍. 


2. At Launch – Concise Announcement: 

Example 1

Hey everyone!

We've added HiThrive to Slack to help us recognize each other and the frequent contributions that make our organization thrive. Try sending your first shoutout! 


Example 2
It feels awesome knowing that your work is appreciated. We installed a new Slack app named HiThrive to help us do just that. Try recognizing a teammate by sending your first shoutout!


3. At Launch – Email Announcement:

Example 1

Subject: more appreciation, more support, more success!

Hey Team,

We're rolling out a new recognition program via HiThrive [in Microsoft Teams, Slack], and we'd love for you to participate!

What is it?

HiThrive is an app that adds robust teammate recognition capabilities to [our organization, Microsoft Teams, Slack]. When somebody does something great, whether a great attitude, effort, or outcome, highlight it via a shoutout. Simply [Microsoft Teams: use the HiThrive messaging extension, Slack: type /hithrive (in our recognition channel), web: visit] to get started.

Looking forward to seeing all of the awesome things that we're all doing 🚀.



Example 2

Subject: recognition FTW!


We are constantly looking for ways to elevate our culture and reinforce the regular contributions that you all make. I am pleased to let you know that effective today, we will be launching a new Slack-integrated (winning!) R&R platform called HiThrive.

HiThrive is easy to use, collaborative, and engaging, with a connected rewards platform including Amazon, premium products, eGift Cards, charities, and our custom merchandise.

Look for HiThrive in [Microsoft Teams, in Slack, or at

More to come, but that should get things started!

I appreciate all of the work that you do and the contributions that you each make. Let’s have some fun recognizing it.