1. Open MS Teams (the web client is preferred)
  2. Click on “Apps” in the sidebar
  3. Click on “Manage your apps” at the bottom of the page
  4. Click “Upload new app” (under the Actions menu at the top right)
  5. Upload the HiThrive Microsoft Teams application
  6. Once uploaded, find the HiThrive app in the list of apps below and click on it.
  7. Under the “Permissions” tab, click “review permissions and consent” under “Org-wide permissions”. Approve the requested permissions (which allows HiThrive can function properly in your workspace).
  8. Return to the Manage Apps page, find the HiThrive app and select the row in the table
  9. Click “Add to team” and select the team on Microsoft Teams you’d like to add the app to.
  10. You can now add the HiThrive app to your channel by clicking the “+” icon at the top of the channel (next to the other tabs) and selecting the HiThrive app.
  11. Note: If you can’t find the HiThrive app on this screen, click on “Manage your apps” on this window, and upload the same .zip using the “Upload an app” button on this screen. You will be prompted to select a channel to install the app to.
  12. You're all set! You should see a new tab that looks like the image below.