When using HiThrive with Slack, HiThrive incorporates a customizable welcome message that is sent to all of your users upon your go-live.

The message serves a dual purpose in that it (1) introduces your team members to the platform and announces HiThrive's availability and (2) it automatically populates the HiThrive application in the left side-bar "Apps" section for your team members.

In the event that you decide not to use the welcome message, HiThrive's functionality will still be available to your team members; however, the HiThrive application will not be visible until each team member manually adds it. 

The welcome message is sent as a direct message to each team member and looks like the below.

Welcome Message Screenshot.png


You can customize your message here: https://app.hithrive.com/admin/settings

For inspiration, we have included a few welcome message examples below:

Standard Example:

Welcome to HiThrive, our partner in employee recognition!

HiThrive assists us in acknowledging the outstanding work occurring throughout the organization—whether it's exceptional customer service, assistance with a challenging tech support issue, or delivering an exceptional pitch—anything you believe warrants celebration.

By accumulating recognition, you can convert it into rewards using the HiThrive platform. It's our way of expressing gratitude for your awesomeness.

Get started by sending a shoutout in [channel]!

Playful Example:

Welcome aboard HiThrive, our trusty sidekick in the realm of employee appreciation!

With HiThrive, we're equipped to applaud the stellar feats happening all across our organization—be it extraordinary customer service, swooping in to save the day with a tricky tech issue, or nailing that pitch-perfect presentation. Whatever deserves a high-five, we're here to dish it out!

As you rack up those well-deserved shoutouts, HiThrive makes it a breeze to cash them in for rewards. Consider it our fist bump for being downright awesome."

Get started by sending a shoutout in [channel]!