What new with HiThrive?

Today, we're taking a significant leap forward with our most significant update to date. All of the features that you have been using, enhanced + upgraded. Read below for a full breakdown or watch our HiThrive 2.0 platform walkthrough here


Use HiThrive in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or via Web App simultaneously and control from a centralized portal. In fact, your subscription also now includes access to the HiThrive web platform (app.hithrive.com) so that your team members can access HiThrive wherever is most convenient. All features are available in Microsoft Teams, Slack, and the web app. 


New slash commands, a flexible composition experience, more robust core values, and a cleaner experience.

  • New slash commands: /hithrive, /shoutout, /kudos (all will generate the same shoutout)
  • Flexible composition experience: following the slash command, compose your shoutout by typing a text string and tagging team members anywhere within the string. Team members no longer have to be tagged at the front.  
  • Core values now include value descriptions to continually reinforce the meaning
  • "Points" name can be customized. Come up with something creative!
  • Default GIF library can be replaced with a library of your own assets
  • Shoutouts can be sent in direct messages (private shoutouts). 
  • See how to send a shoutout here


Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hire announcements balancing personalization and automation.

  • Group celebrations by day, week, or month to increase the shine and reduce the noise.
  • Attach points or preselected gifts and customize by employee segment and by country location (different gifts / budgets for different team members).
  • Add a private personalized message that is sent directly to the team member celebrating.
  • Automate and dynamically include any fields available via your HRIS integration.
  • Full control through your admin portal.

Spot Celebrations (fka "Awards")

New composition experience. Increased flexibility. Greater impact.

  • Send to multiple team members, a segment (location / department), or the entire team.
  • Attach points or a preselected gift (select different gifts based on recipients location).
  • Select from a library of fun visuals ("cards") or upload your own.
  • Approvals are automatically routed if employee’s points budget is insufficient.
  • Feature access can be provisioned automatically based on HRIS integration.
  • See how to send a spot celebration here


More Options. Greater control.

  • New field types (free-form text entry, dropdown selection, optional, required).
  • Full scheduling with start / end dates.
  • Participation filtering: select who can access (ex. restricted to managers only).
  • Reminders: control your reminder copy and cadence.


New feature alert!

  • Create team specific goals, KPIs, tasks, or wellness initiatives (ex. completing a training, community service hours, monthly steps, support quota etc.). 
  • Customize the submission form with the required information for review.
  • Completed challenges are routed for approval to award the point value or preselected gift.


A new Amazon experience. 6x more gift card options. Curated Premium Products (i.e. Products, food / gift Boxes, etc.). See the updated rewards experience here

User Profiles

Robust user profiles that highlight historical activity / accomplishments. Profiles are readily linked for easy navigation.


More metrics, widgets, and preconfigured reports to gain insight from your HiThrive activity. New views and automated reports for managers to increase platform visibility and impact.

User controls

Access / roles can be controlled via preset conditions + data from your HRIS integration. Automated onboarding / offboarding.


A new brand identity and redesign of platform UI / functions.