To include dynamic content within your personalized celebration messages, add any of the tags below to your message composer. The syntax required is the following: {{tag}}

Fields available on all celebration messages:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • full_name
  • Any custom field (using custom_fields.fieldId syntax)
  • bio

Fields available on new hire messages:

  • hireMonth
  • hireDay
  • hireYear

Fields available on birthday messages:

  • birthdayMonth
  • birthdayDay

Fields available on milestone messages:

  • hireMonth
  • hireDay
  • hireYear
  • milestoneYear (Should only be used on specific milestone rules, not “every year” rules)
  • serviceYears (Same as milestone year, but works on “Every year” rule as well)
  • serviceYearsText (Number of years + year(s) text)
  • nthYear (serviceYears plus ordinal, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)

Custom fields:

If you've added custom fields to your HiThrive instance, you can dynamically include that content as well. Simply include the corresponding custom field "Field ID"  with the following syntax: {{custom_fields.Field ID}}. If your field ID is AQ7J2Wie, your tag would be {{custom_fields.AQ7J2Wie}}.