With HiThrive, you only pay for points that are redeemed for a paid item (such as a product, gift card, etc.). You never pay for any unused or unredeemed points and earned points never expire.

Paying for points

There are two payment methods for rewards points: Prepaid and Postpaid.


Prepaid points allow you to pre-fund a rewards account with HiThrive that is then available to cover the cost of any team member redemptions. To fund your rewards (points) accounts, you can complete an instant top-up (using a credit / debit card) or request an invoice in an amount of your choosing. You may fund your rewards account on any frequency and with any amount desired (there is no required minimum). When your balance is running low, HiThrive will automatically notify an administrator. If for some reason a team member makes a paid reward redemption and your rewards account is insufficient, we will also notify an administrator so that the account can be increased prior to declining the Users redemption. 

Postpaid Points

By utilizing the postpaid points option, HiThrive will process a credit card transaction in real-time to cover the cost of any team member's redemption. Charges may be grouped to reduce the number of unique transactions and the amount of extended credit (how many transactions are grouped) varies by customer. Customers may have a You can enable the postpaid option here

Do I have to pay for all of my budgeted points?

Nope! We know that a percentage of budgeted points will never be earned or redeemed, so you only have to keep an account funded for actual redemptions. That means that points are "virtual" until they are spent on a paid reward. It also means that if you don't enable paid rewards catalogs and opt for a custom catalog instead (i.e. virtual cocktails with an executive), you never need to fund a rewards account at all.

How much should I fund my account?

This is completely up to you. For some organizations it is easier to fund a month, quarter, or year in advance. Others may take a more real-time approach. Both work all the same and we will notify you should your balance ever get low.