The Printful integration for HiThrive enables adding items to your custom HiThrive reward catalog from your Printful store.

Please follow the steps below to enable the integration and configure your products. This guide assumes that you’ve already created a Printful store.

Configuring the integration

  1. In the HiThrive admin view, navigate to Integrations under Settings. You’ll find the “Printful” listed on this page. Click on this integration.
  2. Click: Connect integration -> Connect to Printful.
  3. To connect your Printful account to HiThrive, authenticate into your Printful account.
  4. Select the store that you would like to connect to.
  5. Select Authorize.
  6. Printful is now connected to HiThrive. Continue below to add products to your Company Store.

Adding products to your custom catalog

  1. In the HiThrive dashboard, navigate to Custom Catalog under Rewards.
  2. Click the Add a catalog item on the top left to add a custom catalog item.
  3. Click Import product at the top right.
  4. Select Printful in the dropdown menu.
  5. Select a product and click import.
  6. Complete the product information.
    • Select Countries: Which countries this product should be available in. Leave blank to make available in all countries.
    • Product Images: Will populate automatically. You can add additional images if you would like. 
    • Product Cost: The point value for the item. 
    • Variations: sizing / colors (these should also auto-populate from Printful).
  7. Create