In HiThrive you can use any team member profile information as a dynamic field in automated celebrations or as a condition to segment team members into groups for the purpose of reporting, permissions, or budgeting.

To learn more about segments view the article here

Information can be added to your team member's profile in 3 ways.

  1. Via an integration (Slack, MS Teams, or HRIS)
  2. Via CSV upload
  3. By editing the information directly on a team member's profile 

To upload information via a CSV, first navigate to the Users tab in the HiThrive admin portal.

Next, select import users manually.

Select the CSV file. 

Map your fields. HiThrive users email address as the primary match to link your upload to each unique user in the HiThrive platform. If you would like to upload custom fields that are not available by default, first create the custom fields on the Settings tab under User Settings. Click Save and refresh your tab. Each custom field created will now be available to map your information.